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    Monday, 21 November 2016

    Sliced Chicken Withdrawn from Caerphilly Schools

    A batch of sliced cooked chicken has been removed from school canteens in the Welsh county borough of Caerphilly, after potentially harmful levels of Listeria monocytogenes, a biological bacterial hazard that causes listeria food poisoning, were found in the product.

    No illnesses have been reported thus far, and the risk to healthy children and staff is relatively low. However, given that harmful levels have been breached, it makes safety sense to withdraw the product.

    The possibly contaminated chicken had been served in 45 of the 90 schools supplied, as quality checks did not highlight any potential risk beforehand. As a precautionary measure, all chicken from the same supplier has been taken off the menus.

    Parents of students from affected schools have been notified of the problem. So far, it is not entirely clear whether the whole batch was contaminated or just part of it. Initial testing took place after staff at some schools noticed strange smells coming from the chicken and removed it from service.

    The incident has been investigated by the FSA, Public Health Wales and environmental health officers at Caerphilly County Borough Council. No cause has yet been found, but the authorities are looking into both an English manufacturer and a Welsh distributor. All chicken from the manufacturer is now being tested for possible contamination.

    Listeria food poisoning leading to listeriosis is quite rare, and children and adults that have eaten contaminated products are still unlikely to contract it. However, if it spreads to vulnerable people such as very young children and the elderly, it can be dangerous and lead to severe symptoms that can be similar to the flu. There is currently no test for listeriosis, and it can take up to 70 days to develop.

    Nina Purcell, FSA Director of Wales and Regulatory Delivery, stated:

    “We are working closely with Public Health Wales and Caerphilly County Borough Council environmental health to urgently identify the cause of this incident. The FSA is currently performing a number of investigations across the food chain, both in Wales and England, to ensure consumers are protected. If your child is under the care of a doctor because of a weakened immune system and develops any symptoms over the next two months you should contact your health care provider.”

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