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    Monday, 21 November 2016

    The Top Three Reasons to Calibrate Thermometers and Temperature Probes

    The calibration of temperature probes is an important process in the overall HACCP adherence of any food manufacturer. If equipment used to control the temperature at which food is cooked, prepared and stored is faulty, a myriad of problems can ensue. Below is a list of what we think are the top three reasons to invest in the calibration of thermometers and temperature probes.

    3. More Uniform Products

    The better the calibration of instruments used for CCP, the more uniform products will be.  The major advantage of this is the fact that it makes other quality control operations easier. For example, once a batch has been produced, it’s usually necessary to pass it through a scanner or metal detector; the purpose of which is to identify and remove contaminants like metal wire which may have made their way into the products during the manufacturing process. It is almost always the case that such control processes are made easier and more effective when the vast number of products they test are of a more uniform shape, size, density, volume and so forth. Some detection systems may, for example, find it harder to remove a fragment of wire from dense, uncooked pastry than from its cooked, fluffier counterpart.

    2. Better-Quality Products

    Another advantage of more accurate control compliance is that the quality of end products will almost certainly be higher. Not only are they more likely to attain the pleasurable features only potentially available in industrial foods (the sharp, straight edges of a Toblerone triangle, for example), but they will also hold closer resemblance to the manufacturer’s original recipes and intentions; which primarily exist as guidelines for drawing-out optimum taste from raw ingredients!

    1. Safer Customer Experience

    Finally, and perhaps most importantly, diligent HACCP through temperature controls with low standard deviations means that harm or illness is far less likely to befall your customers. It goes without saying: recalls are bad for business. However, if undercooked batches of chicken are sent out to customers who then develop food poisoning, all because a temperature probe was not calibrated properly, a recall would indeed be necessary. What’s more, if the mistake is spotted before the batch is sent out, it’s still bad news, as what could potentially be vast amounts of raw ingredients will have been wasted in the production of essentially unusable products. Both scenarios, however, can ultimately be avoided with good calibration of temperature CCP equipment such as thermometers and temperature probes.

    It’s not a huge task to calibrate equipment: it’s relatively cheap and generally time-efficient. Hopefully the above examples are good enough reasons to justify its regular implementation.  

    James Stannard

    James has a Bachelor’s degree in History and wrote his dissertation on beef and protest. His heroes list ranges from Adele to Noam Chomsky: inspirations he’ll be invoking next year when he begins a Master’s degree in London.
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