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    Thursday, 15 December 2016

    Keep Food out of the Newspapers!

    Flipping the thin pages of a daily newspaper invokes a feeling of accomplishment. Those uniquely thin pages are used in India to mop up excess grease and rolled into a cone to serve street foods. Roadside vendors, small hotels, and some homes are guilty of using newspaper in place of appropriate packaging.
    Now, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) have officially stated that it is a safety hazard to wrap, package, or serve food in newspaper.

    Img source: Historic Newspapers
    Due to the thin nature of the recycled paper used for newspaper, the ink can easily leech off the page and onto foods. According to the regulatory body, eating foods that have come into contact with newspaper exposes the consumer to cancer-causing agents. Continuing to eat food served in newspaper is, essentially, slowly poisoning the body.

    The ink used in printing newspapers has multiple bioactive materials known to have negative health effects, said the FSSAI in its statement. Inks, not a substance regulated for consumption, can contain harmful colouring, pigments, binders, additives and preservatives while the actual paper can host pathogenic microorganisms poised to contaminate food. As newspapers were once newspapers were once newspapers, printing ink residues from past issues are trapped within the recycled paper. These remaining residues contain hormone disrupters, wreaking havoc on reproductive cycles in women. Recycled paper products, like newspapers and cardboard, can host metallic contaminants, mineral oils, and harmful chemicals; phthalates are one such example which, when ingested, can cause digestive problems and severe toxicity.

    Foods served in newspaper should be avoided by the elderly, the young, and those with weakened immune systems or organs.

    The FSSAI advisory comes shortly after Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare J. P. Nadda suggested that the regulatory body act on the issue. Per the advisory, the Commissioners of Food Safety in all territories are asked to create campaigns to spread awareness about the issue to stakeholders, urging vendors to desist using newspaper for packaging food.

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