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    Monday, 30 January 2017

    London Restaurateurs Primeur to Expand with New Restaurant

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    The team in charge of successful North London restaurant Primeur are gearing up to launch another restaurant in Lower Halloway, or LoHo. Called Westerns Laundry, the restaurant is set to open in April and will be hosted in a previously unused building from the 1950s. Capturing the inherent charm of the space, the restaurant will feature an industrial look with original 1940s chairs and electric blue velvet banquettes. Chef David Gingell and manager Jérémie Cometto-Lingenheim are the dynamic duo in charge of the new establishment. The pair met while working at the Wright Brothers restaurant group, a chain of seafood restaurants whose owners operate a large-scale oyster farm.

    As Westerns Laundry will operate based on fresh catch, the menu will change daily. Charmingly, the menu will be written in chalk on a huge blackboard. Gingell, the head chef, is arranging to source produce from day boats based out of Devon and Cornwall. He will also draw stock from several North Yorkshire farms, focusing mainly on seasonality and superior quality of ingredients.

    Gingell comments on the vision for Westerns Laundry: “Rather than create a menu and then do the shopping, here we will be leaving it up to our fish and meat suppliers to give us the best there is and then writing a menu around that. We want to do as little cooking as possible, just treat the produce with respect.”

    The menu will largely be inspired by British cooking with culinary influences from Asia and, specifically, the Catalan region of Spain. Some of the potential dishes set to be served up: sea bass and seaweed tartare, raw scallops with olive oil, chargrilled mackerel with miso and chilli and beef rump with roast garlic butter and croutons.

    Dining will deviate from the traditional, using communal tables. There will be a £10-cover counter bar and a £14-cover private dining room. This dining experience – the use of communal tables and counter dining – follows the same principles as Primeur. It’s no wonder that they’ve taken cues from their successful first endeavour as it was ranked 73rd out of the top 100 UK restaurants at the National Restaurant Awards in 2016.

    When asked how Westerns Laundry will differ from Primeur, Gingell said it “will be lighter and more delicate than Primeur, rooted in British flavours but influenced by our favourite aspects of Southern Europe with the occasional nod to Asia, with raw fish, shellfish and smoky flavours from a Robata grill.”

    Taking another page out of Primeur’s book, Westerns Laundry will put an emphasis on wine, housing over 200 varieties in an exposed cellar. Additionally, a “black book” of wines will feature fine wines and older vintages. Best of all, nearly all wines hosted on-site will be available by the glass. Wines will be sourced from small-scale international producers. Some continental beers will feature on the menu though gin is the only liquor offered.

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