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    Monday, 16 January 2017

    Mislabelling Spells Trouble for Takeaway

    A takeaway restaurant in the northern city of Tyne and Wear has been the unlucky receptor of a lawsuit following a poor inspection. Located on Durham Road in the Metropolitan Borough of Gateshead, the establishment, called ‘Last Days of the Raj,’ was found to have unsatisfactory cleanliness on top of which inspectors discovered mislabelled food products. Ground peanuts were used in place of almonds and mutton in place of lamb. Past invoices showed that peanuts and mutton were regularly ordered to the restaurant, proving a routine and conscious act of mislabelling by owner Azmal Khan.

    The mislabelling, discovered June of last year, landed Khan in Gateshead Magistrates Court. After pleading guilty to the two charges, he was found guilty by the court, incurring a £2,000 fine. He was also ordered to pay £200 in costs.

    Khan attributes the mislabelling to a series of mistakes.

    For as long as peanuts and mutton were ordered to the establishment, dishes produced by the UK takeaway were not what their customers paid for. Anneliese Hutchinson of Gateshead Council speaks to the seriousness of the issue: “When you buy any product, you have the right to expect to receive what you think you’ve bought. Adulteration of food is a serious offence and in this case, substituting peanuts for almonds could have had serious consequences for anyone who had a peanut allergy and who consumed this food.”

    As a result of the unsatisfactory cleanliness, the restaurant was shut shortly after the inspection for a deep clean and maintenance. 

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