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    Thursday, 5 January 2017

    Pathogen Fears Will Drive Growth in Food Testing by 2021

    According to a new report by Research and Markets, the size of the global market for food safety testing will grow hugely over the next four years, reaching an estimated US$17.16 billion by 2021. Its compound annual growth rate (CAGR) will be roughly 7.4%, the study suggests.

    FDA microbiologist tests for high risk pathogens in food                       - Img source: FDA
    The main driving forces behind such change, claims the market research group, will be a ‘global increase in outbreaks of foodborne illnesses and increase in regulations in developed countries,’ alongside other factors, such as the introduction of new tests for genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

    The largest market will be pathogen testing, as various regulators attempt to stamp-out outbreaks of disease and illness; whilst testing for pesticide residue will be the second-largest.

    However, in terms of growth rate, the GMO sector will have the highest CAGR, growing faster than any other market thanks to ‘the evolution in farming technology, diverse GM processed food manufacturing, and high investment in biotech R&D.’ There is also a new market for ‘detecting, identifying, and quantifying either the DNA introduced or the protein expressed in GM plants,’ the report claims.

    If, indeed, the forecast increase in regulations in developed countries does come to fruition, it would seem that such factors as Donald Trump’s campaign promise to slash regulations by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and his reiteration of a more general vow to curtail regulations in general under his forthcoming administration, have not been sufficient to sway the conclusions of these market experts.

    This might be because the FDA is not the only player on the world stage when it comes to food regulations; various pro-regulation voices in China, Europe and Africa, for example, have risen to prominence over the past few months, corroborating evidence that such an increase in global regulations can indeed be expected this year. Indeed, Asia-Pacific is expected to grow faster than any other geographical region in these terms by 2021.

    As for the ‘developing countries’ mentioned, whilst it is true that a lack of food testing regulations is a factor in keeping such markets small, there is reason to believe that they too will grow in the next four years; just not as fast as other regions of the globe. 

    James Stannard

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