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    Tuesday, 3 January 2017

    South Australia State Could Start Selling Horse, Donkey and Possum Meat

    “Two things only the people anxiously desire - bread and circus animals.” Or something like that. 

    Proposed changes to food safety regulations could mean that horse, donkey and possum meat will be adopted by the state of South Australia by September 2017. The change is recommended by the federal government, which has recently updated the Australia and New Zealand Food Standards Code regarding the definition of ‘game meat.’ The question now is whether South Australia will accept the changes for itself.

    Currently, ‘goat, rabbit, hare, kangaroo, wallaby and bird’ are good to eat in the state; but so too could ‘buffalo, camel, deer, donkey, hare, horse, pig and possum’ very soon be.

    Some are cheering the potential move as a step forwards for personal freedoms in the state.

    However, not everyone’s ecstatic about the move. As the more moderate game meat specialist Richard Gunner told ABC Australia, ‘“in general”, there were some good things about the proposal. “I don’t see any particular market for donkey meat, possum meat and horse meat, but camel meat, yes. In the short term, I don’t think it would make much difference, but it would give an opportunity for some people to go out and potentially market some new things down the track.”’

    Still, others are actively outraged by the suggestion. As the Advertiser reports, for example, groups like the Animal Justice Party are staunchly opposed to the expansion of the species deemed legally edible by the state government. As its convenor Geoff Russell claimed, ‘the newly proposed game industries are particularly obnoxious because they produce meats that people don’t even like. This has been the case with the kangaroo industry for decades. They export just 4000 tonnes into markets with over a billion people.’

    But whilst the above may be a matter of personal taste, what’s less ambiguous is the form in which future legislation would appear. As a South Australia Health spokeswoman said, laws around protected species would not be changed. ‘Any South Australians wanting to hunt protected species in SA would need a permit as per the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972 legislation.’

    As the West Australian notes, ‘The proposed regulation changes are open for public consultation until February, with the Government encouraging local councils and food businesses to contribute.’ Maybe in that time, enough people may ask why the change is being made to throw a spanner in the works. For now, though, people still seem to be digesting the mere prospect of eating horse, donkey and possum meat.

    It’s a weird legal amendment; and probably a ploy to distract us from something…but oh well. Australia’s miles away! 

    James Stannard

    James has a Bachelor’s degree in History and wrote his dissertation on beef and protest. His heroes list ranges from Adele to Noam Chomsky: inspirations he’ll be invoking next year when he begins a Master’s degree in London.
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