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    Wednesday, 1 February 2017

    Natural Meat Preservative Increases Safety

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    A new preservative will soon be hitting the supermarkets in the UK. Designed to lower the risk of cancer and extend the shelf life of meat, X-tend is a natural alternative to preservatives currently used in chilled-meat products. Arjuna Natural Extracts brought the new preservative to the public sphere. It is made of a special non-carcinogenic formula that prevents the growth of yeast and mould.

    Chilled meat products treated with synthetic preservatives generally contain nitrates. These nitrates produce nitrosamines, a chemical compound thought to increase cancer risk. Nitrosomyoglobin, a substance formed as meat with nitrates is curing, has been linked to mutagenic activity in humans. The substance is also responsible for colouring cured meats red. Alternatively, X-tend does not colour meat and can extend shelf-life by up to 15 days over nitrosomyoglobin-based preservatives. The natural alternative reportedly prevents microbial spoilage, oxidative rancidity, off colour and altered flavour.

    Benny Antony, joint managing director for India-based Arjuna, comments on how X-tend worked in chilled meat preservation: “The excellent results encouraged us to offer this new, powerful natural preservative formulation to meat manufacturers. It’s a new, clean way of preservation that also can help differentiate cured meat products in the marketplace.”
    Creating the correct cocktail of natural ingredients works to combat microbial activities, microbial spoilage, oxidative rancidity, off colour and altered flavour. Arjuna’s biggest challenge with this potentially game-changing preservative is flavour masking. This, according to Arjuna, is their biggest obstacle moving forward.

    X-tend will be made available in liquid and powdered forms, said Antony, adding that “it is a comprehensive, natural solution safeguarding taste, colour, product safety, and increased shelf-life.” 

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