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    Thursday, 9 March 2017

    McDonald’s Chain Deny Woman a Meal for Homeless Man

    Everyone likes to do their good deed of the day. Whether it’s opening a door for a colleague or picking up a dropped toy from a strangers’ pram, it’s nice to be nice. One McDonald’s customer was appalled when being denied her good deed; a meal which she intended to give to a homeless man, who was begging nearby the restaurant.

    The incident happened in the Hapurhey branch in Manchester on Sunday 5th March, when the mum tried to order a burger meal and hot drink in addition to Happy Meals for her children. The woman says the drive-thru staff refused the sale of the additional meal as they allegedly ‘wanted to get rid of him’, and receiving food and drink from the restaurants’ customers may encourage him to stay, as the Manchester Evening News reports.

    The disgusted customer took to the McDonald’s page to share her experience;

    “Tried to buy a very frail old homeless pensioner a burger meal yesterday who was sat outside in the cold and rain shivering begging for food because he was so hungry.

     “I was apparently ‘allowed’ to purchase a happy meal for my children but no food or hot drinks for the homeless man because ‘they were trying to get rid of him and if I feed him he will stay’.

     “Whatever has caused the man to end up in such a dire situation is none of my business, but surely as human beings the least we can do is provide somebody with a basic need.

    “I was more than willing to pay for the meal as stated. I just regret that the lady on the speaker must have overheard me asking the man what he would like.

    “Their rude tone and their lack of compassion completely shocked me.

    “What on earth is the world coming to when we stop caring for other humans? Extremely disappointed McDonald’s, and very upset.”

    After the shocking incident, the woman proceeded to visit a KFC branch close-by to purchase the elderly homeless man a hot meal and cup of tea, to provide him with a bit of warmth and nutrition as he could see he was shivering and wet from the recent wintery weather.

    On the mum’s Facebook post, the fast-food chain commented urging the customer to provide further information in order for the incident to be looked into. In a bid to reassure customers, a McDonald’s spokeswoman said to the Manchester Evening News;

    “We would like to reassure readers there is no policy in place which prohibits service to homeless individuals, or those wishing to purchase food on their behalf.

    "However, in some instances, we have been forced to refuse service to those wishing to buy food for individuals who have repeatedly displayed disruptive behaviour in our restaurants and towards our colleagues.

    "We regret when this has to happen, but reiterate it is done so based on an individual’s behaviour and nothing else."

    Laura Sewell

    An aspiring journalist, Laura is our content writer intern.  Pop-punk gig-goer and drag queen enthusiast, Laura is working her way into the industry, with an English A -Level and love of writing about anything and everything in tow.

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