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    Wednesday, 8 March 2017

    Nestlé Pledges 10% Reduction in Sugar by 2018

    Swiss transnational food and drink company Nestlé, which was in fact the largest food company in the world for 2014-2016 based upon revenues and other metrics, has vowed to address concerns regarding excessive sugar intake and rising obesity rates in the UK and Ireland by reducing the sugar content of their confectionary products by 10% by the year 2018.

    The 10% figure is based off the sugar content of their products as of 2015, which should amount to approximately 7,500 tonnes of sugar removed across Nestlé’s various products. Nestlé’s products include a multitude of well-known brands, such as Aero, Dairy Box, Drifter, KitKat, Lion, Milkybar, Munchies, Polo, Quality Street, Rolo, Smarties, Toffee Crisp, Walnut Whip and Yorkie.

    The announcement arrives at an opportune time, as concern continues to rise regarding sugar intake, obesity and generally unhealthy diets. The government have also hinted that sugary foods may eventually be hit with the same tax as recently imposed on sugary drinks, which forced many brands, such as Irn Bru and Lucozade, to reformulate their products to avoid the additional fees. If such a tax is imposed on food, then Nestlé’s pledge may serve the company well as they will be well ahead of the curve.

    Nestlé have stated that they will not use artificial sweeteners in their products as a replacement to the lost sugar. Instead, they plan to use higher quantities of existing ingredients and other, non-artificial ingredients to replicate the much-loved taste while taking care to keep the calorie content as low as possible. A reduction in product sizes should also be expected.

    “The 10% reduction is not a case of a straight swap of sugar for another ingredient – it will be achieved in a number of different ways so that we can make sure that the taste is as good or better from product to product,” a spokesperson said.

    “We are not announcing specific changes to brands at this stage but over the coming months and years we will introduce revised products that make incremental reductions on sugar in different ways that, when added up, make a big difference overall to the nation’s diet while still maintaining taste.”

    They will also make use of innovations revealed in November of last year, in which they claimed that their newly-found way to “structure sugar differently” would allow them to reduce the sugar content of products by up to 40% without affecting the taste, a process which chief executive of Nestlé UK, Fiona Kendrick, believes will be key to achieving their target.

    “These innovations will help us to reduce sugar in confectionery when they are combined with other, more common methods like reformulating recipes and swapping sugar for other non-artificial ingredients,” she said.

    Public Health England, the organisation charged with encouraging companies to reformulate their products, praised Nestlé’s efforts as the announcement was made:

    “Nestlé is the latest household name to commit to making everyday products healthier and we’re delighted this is just the start of its efforts,” said Duncan Selbie, chief executive of PHE.

    “This sends a clear message that reducing sugar in food is possible, even in products that are typically harder to reformulate.”

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