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    Tuesday, 7 March 2017

    Processing Error Pours Too Much Oil into Packs of Propercorn

    Everybody loves a good bowl of popcorn. A night out to the movies isn’t the same without crinkly bags of snacks and the continual munch of popcorn. Some people less inclined to nibbles may wish vainly for a silent theatre devoid of distracting eating, but for the most part, people accept that popcorn is a part of the deal. Popcorn and movies are a time-tested pairing, dating back as far back as The Great Depression. As movies have become a default outing for dates, families and friends, the satisfying crunch and rustle of popcorn has made its way into homes.

    If movie theatres hadn’t adopted popcorn, would the golden kernels have become as popular as they have in mainstream supermarkets?

    Img: Tesco
    Hailed as a low-calorie snack, air-popped popcorn is eaten in many households nowadays. In recent years, companies have begun to release pre-popped, flavoured variations on the classic favourite. Propercorn is one of the more dominant brands on the market, offering a natural, sustainable snack food that is suitable for vegetarians. The British company is known for their daring flavours and low-calorie serving sizes. According to their website, “each flavor comes in at under 130 kcals.”

    Lab tests commissioned by a third party have revealed that one flavor of the purported healthy snack actually contains 74% more fat than advertised. The nutrition label for Propercorn Lightly Sea Salted popcorn claims that a 100g serving size has 14.5g of fat though it actually contains 25.3g per serving.

    Propercorn’s disparate labeling was reported in The Grocer after they gained access to a lab test by ALS. Upon learning of the issue, Propercorn quickly began rooting out the source from within their manufacturing line. A third-party manufacturer was found responsible for the heightened fat content. Once the issue was revealed, Propercorn reduced the amount of oil added by the third-party manufacturer. Packs currently on shelves should contain the 14.5g of fat per 100g as listed on the nutrition label. Some packs with 25.3g of fat per serving may still be circulating supermarket shelves, but Propercorn believes this “unlikely due to the speed at which [their] packs are sold and how quickly [their] technical team reacted to the problem.”

    “An investigation into how this could have occurred is still ongoing, but has been complicated by significant recent production and personnel changes at our third party manufacturing site, as well as personnel changes within our business itself.” 

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