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    Monday, 6 March 2017

    Scottish Government Announces Review of School Meal Standards

    Following revelations published by the BBC that Scottish councils could be wasting a fortune by importing food for school dinners which could easily be sourced locally, Education Secretary John Swinney has announced that a review of school meal standards will take place across the country.

    Food Standards Scotland, NHS Health Scotland and Education Scotland will work together to ascertain where improvements can be made. Mr Swinney has placed particular emphasis on making sure that food is “sourced as locally as possible.”

    Mr Swinney further states that while he believes Scotland to already have some of the highest standards in Europe, he is always keen to pursue further improvement:

    “School food matters, in terms of what children eat and what they learn about. With almost 366,000 school meals served up in Scottish schools every day we must ensure nutritional standards are the best they can be.

    “I also want children, especially primary pupils, to have as many of their 'five a day' as they can and for food to be sourced as locally as possible.

    “Since our internationally-admired school meal regulations were introduced in 2008, the scientific evidence and dietary advice has changed. Nearly a decade on, the time is right to review whether school food provision can be further improved.”

    Continuing to stress the importance of the provision of adequately nutritious food in schools, health education spokesman for the Scottish Conservatives, Brian Whittle, spoke of his views on the situation, insisting that, “It's absolutely appalling that we're not buying products for our schools and hospitals from here in Scotland.

    “Our farmers produce the highest quality of food, ensure high standards of animal welfare and pay a minimum wage. To not then buy their goods is scandalous, and I'm delighted that John Swinney is finally coming to terms with this.”

    Mr Swinney also provided further detail on the review process:

     “The short-life working group I have established is examining the scientific and technical detail of the latest evidence and advice regarding nutritional standards.

    “Once that group reports back this summer, I will then seek the views of young people, parents, industry, catering and other stakeholder groups before taking forward any potential changes.”

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