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    Wednesday, 1 March 2017

    Weight Loss Tips & Tricks: Mindful Eating & the ‘Sultana Exercise’

    When it comes to weight loss, there are countless faddy diets plastered all over the internet, and every Tom, Dick and Harry thinks they can enlighten you with the perfect solution. But have you ever considered that it may not actually be what you’re eating that’s causing the problem? Rather, it could be how you’re eating, and how you think about food, that is leading to excess weight.

    This is where mindful eating comes in. Defined by AmIHungry.com as “eating with intention and attention”, mindful eating basically involves altering your relationship with food in order to reduce bad habits such as emotional or mindless eating, taking care to only eat when hungry and to savour and enjoy that which we consume.

    AmIHungry.com helpfully breaks down mindful eating into what they consider to be its component parts, which are as follows:
    • Awareness of your physical and emotional cues
    • Recognition of your non-hunger triggers for eating
    • Learning to meet your other needs in more effective ways than eating
    • Choosing food for both enjoyment and nourishment
    • Eating for optimal satisfaction and satiety
    • Using the fuel you’ve consumed to live the vibrant life you crave
    They claim that by mastering the 6 aspects listed above, you can break away from bad eating habits and “develop a healthier, happier relationship with food.”

    Zen Habits also recommends paying particular attention to the textures and flavours of food, as well as how it makes you feel during and after eating. Also note your urges in relation to food - the emotions that triggered the eating.

    The Sultana Exercise

    Speaking to the New Idea magazine, Director of The Mindfulness Clinic Charlotte Thaarup shared her own approach to mindful eating, which she refers to as the ‘sultana exercise’. The exercise is broken down into 5 steps and involves the following:
    1. Take a sultana and spend five minutes “using your five senses with it”
    2. Look at it, noticing the texture and colour
    3. Feel it in your hand
    4. Smell it
    5. Taste it, rolling it around your tongue and noticing how it feels between your teeth.
    Thaarup states that this will help you to eat better and binge less, and is ideal for anyone who wants to “lose weight, call a truce in the war with your dear body, change your relationship with food, or reduce your daily stress by making healthier choices”, according to her website.

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